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Little Birdy uses Beacons and SmartBase Technology to connect you with the people that matter to you most. Reward your loyal patrons and gain unprecendented insight into who your customers are, and what they do.


Little Birdy Dashboard

Get access to live customer statistics through the Admin Dashboard, and see a user’s length of stay, time spent in different areas, age, gender and more. From here you can post into the app, launch promotions, track your rewards and communicate directly with your customers.

Amazing Technology

Keep an eye out for Little Birdy Technology when you are out!

SmartBase™ Technology

Little Birdy’s SmartBase recognise when you arrive at a venue and send notifications to users phone and check-them-in automatically. It allows them to earn points for checking-in, spending time in a venue, sharing their location and buying drinks. They can then redeem these points for drinks or other rewards by tapping the phone to the SmartBase.

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